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5 Stunning Places Every
Jetsetter Should Visit



5 Stunning Places Every
Jetsetter Should Visit



Disruptive technology must not only demonstrate superior efficacy but must be easily integrated into existing workflows, be cost effective, pleasant to use and drive risk mitigation by demonstrating ‘real-world’ superiority.

Novapharm has an extensive patent portfolio and a series of platform technologies which have been recognised for their technological advancements throughout the world. Novapharm’s expertise spans formulation, chemistry and microbiology together with dispensing and packaging.


Novapharm has powerful technology in hard surface disinfection and the pre-cleaning and re-processing of medical instruments, in other words, an end-to-end infection control platform.


Both the Hard Surface Paper Roll & the Hand Sanitising Paper Towel products are examples of this superiority and are ideal for use in any location where enhanced hygiene or additional infection prevention measures are necessary to reduce & control the presence of bacteria, for increased hygienic conditions or where the use of harsh chemicals is of concern all the time exhibiting the highest degree of environmental consciousness.


As part of a hygiene program where there is constant handling and preparation of food & high traffic areas. These products will help improve hygiene, sanitation & food security.


They are very easy to use, only needing to contact a wet surface or being wet with normal tap water for activation.


Where cost effective, environmentally friendly & fully biodegradable products are preferred.

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