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Novapharm Research is seen as a global leader in the skin asepsis category of infection control for over three decades.


We have an extensive patent portfolio and a series of platform technologies that have been recognised for their technological advancements throughout the world over this period. Novapharm’s integrated expertise spans formulation, chemistry and microbiology together with dispensing and packaging.


Novapharm has powerful technology in hard surface disinfection and the pre-cleaning and re-processing of medical instruments, in other words, an end-to-end infection control platform. Novapharm enjoys several accreditations including ISO13485.  


Novapharm was the first to offer an integrated range of skin antiseptics and has developed a series of the world’s leading skin asepsis products and ranges, including Microshield, Avagard and Asepti.

 The company works on the basis that this market will be driven by outcomes and its focus is based on ‘accountable care’, accreditation and patient safety. There exists a strategic opportunity to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions based on real world work-flow analysis. Cost is a significant driver of the delivery of healthcare into the future, and Novapharm’s approach is to deliver cost effective solutions when benchmarked against the historical ‘standard of care’.

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